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This Weeks Features

Two Extra Factors to ‘Further Disrupt’ 2019 Peak Season: iContainers

Digital freight forwarder iContainers says there are two extra factors this year that are set to “further disrupt” and throw a wrench in the day-to-day management of the shipping peak season.

The ocean freight industry has recently been operating under a cloud of uncertainty from Brexit and the unpredictable US-China trade war.


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Maersk and Blackbuck Ink Partnership to Revolutionise Containerised Trucking Market

Maersk on Tuesday announced its partnership with BlackBuck, India’s largest online marketplace for trucking, to provide an online marketplace for containerised trucking in EXIM logistics in India.

The Indian government has set ambitions to reduce logistics cost from 14% of the GDP to less than 9% by 2022. 


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Ports welcome steady performance despite Political uncertainty

The Department for Transport (DfT) has today published its Annual UK Port Freight Statistics for 2018. The figures detail 95% of UK physical imports and exports, which are facilitated by ships using British ports.

The data for 2018 shows stable port freight tonnages overall, with only a 0.1% difference on the previous year at 483.3 m tonnes. However, overall unit load traffic declined

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Steel Drums Sales to Witness 5% Growth in 2019

Key Highlights

The 40-60 gallon steel drums currently hold around 3/4th share of the total market value, and are projected for the highest yearly revenue growth in 2019 and ahead.

Tighthead steel drums that represent the revenue of nearly US$ 5.5 billion at present,

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Methanol Institute welcomes new additions to dual-fuel shipping fleet

Daewoo Shipbuilding bags LNG ship order

Port of LA Awards USD 1 Mn In Grants to 30...

Survival Specialists Collaborate on Constant Wear Lifejacket

Two Extra Factors to ‘Further Disrupt’ 2019 Peak Season: iContainers

Two Extra Factors to ‘Further Disrupt’ 2019 Peak Season: iContainers

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