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This Weeks Features

Why large shipping lines should think about asset-sharing

In the past, companies have tried to optimize and unearth efficiency gains through value chain integration. Reason was that it is easier to communicate and optimize within a company than with external partners. Examples from container logistics include Maersk Line acquiring Damco as part of the P&O Nedlloyd ...



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Empowering Women in the Maritime Community

There is ample evidence that countries with more gender equality have better economic growth. Today, women represent only two percent of the world’s 1.2 million seafarers and 94 percent of female seafarers are working in the cruise industry.

IMO has been making a concerted effort to help the industry move forward and support women to achieve a representation that is in keeping with twenty-first


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HFO with Scrubbers will have positive effect on CO2 Emissions

Members of the Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 have welcomed a new addition to the canon of scientific literature relating to exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), the latest of which indicates that continued use of residual fuels with a scrubber can help towards global CO2 reduction.

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A sea of change: Autonomous vessels and their legal quagmire

With the advent of autonomous vehicles looming ever closer to hitting the streets of developed nations, the maritime logistics sector is no exception. In this piece we look at autonomous vessels from the perspective of liability


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IRClass forges training partnership with the Indian Coast Guard

Golden Ocean Announces Q2 2019 Results

Crew Evacuated from Fire-Stricken Tanker off Nigeria

Shipping magnate Frank Tsao dies at 94

MODEC: Issuance of Project Bond for FPSO Charter Project

Kinder Morgan Announces Additional Projects to Enhance Capabilities at Houston Ship...

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